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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's been several days since my last post, hasn't it?
Well, I don't have any pictures today but I thought I'd catch you up a bit. BabyCakes is good, BigBoy is getting over a cold (it's taking forever), J is working hard as usual, and I'm trucking right along too.
Unfortnately I'm dealing with an ulcer in my left eye right now but with treatment it should heal. It started really bothering me last night and by this morning I knew it was serious-- turns out it was. I have two follow-up appointments and a possible third scheduled for this week.
This sort of thing reminds me not to take all my different kinds of health for granted. It also makes me want to take better care of myself.
It ALSO makes me want to get off the freakin computer because while my meds are helping I am typing through a haze.
Bye for now, and take care of your eyes!

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Alesia said...

I have missed your blogging.....wondered if you were okay. Just got some strawberries to make some freezer jam....

Isaiah has a reall wicked cold thing going on...can't breath, so stuffy and has a rattly cough. The doc says it is viral...or course...he weighed 19 pounds (clothes on and all)....I thought I was going to get to keep him yesterday. Brittany P's granddad was buried, but Isaiah had to go to the doc instead :(

Never heard of an eye ulcer--- sounds awful!! Take care of yourself