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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yes, there are more flowers in this post.

This morning BabyCakes and I skipped the gym again and instead hit up Duke Gardens where Miss Rachel and LadyBug met us for a little field trip.

What can I say? I enjoy Spring and I know how incredibly lucky I am to be able to have options like this for my day.

The girls loved the fountains and ponds.

They fed the ducks.  BabyCakes kept trying to hand-feed them instead of putting their food on the ground and she got snapped more than once.   Don't worry, she's okay.  No harm no fowl. 
Haha. I quack myself up.
Wow, that's some gentle humor.

We strolled along the pebbled pathways amongst the flowers.

Ohhhh the flowers...

If you like tulips like I do, THIS is the place to see them.  (Well, outside of Holland.  I can't make it there and back before nap time, though.)

Our self-described "big girls" were sweet together.  They aren't "Biz & BigBoy" sweet together yet, but they are different children with different needs.

Besides, I think BabyCakes would rather have a "partner in crime" type of friend, anyway. ;)


shelley said...

I like tulips also. Holland MI has a huge display. Not as far as the country; still can't get back by nap time. :-) I visited Holland (MI) one spring & enjoyed every minute!

Cayce said...

hmmm, I'll have to add Holland, MI to my list of to-see places!

Daddy said...

Mama and I stopped in Holland MI on our trip to Mackinaw Island last summer. It is a beautiful area, but most of Michigan was beautiful. I envy you living so close to such a gorgeous place. The flowers are really pretty, but the girls are prettier. I can't believe how grown up Katie looks. Enjoy every minute.
Love you!