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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WW Wednesday

This morning was my weekly WW meeting and weigh-in. 
I was the exact same weight today as I was last week. 

For a week that involved LOTS of feeling crappy with headaches and migraines, zero trips to the gym, and more than a couple klondike bars, I know I got a free pass.  

Just like always, I started the week off tracking and then just fizzled out.  I'm not surprised by my results.  If you don't track much you don't lose much!
I'm not eating terribly; I'm just not making "healthy eating for weight loss" a priority.

Know what though?  Enough is freakin enough.  I'm so OVER this phase of my joooourney.   I'm going to *gasp* actually TRY again! 


Oh It's ON, baby.  On like donkey kong!

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