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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WW Wednesday

Yaaawwwn.  That title is getting a little boring to me.  Oh well, "boring" produces results in my case so it's stickin.

The past week in my weight loss joourney was nothing glamorous either. 
I followed the plan, I tracked my food and activity, and I used every single point available.  (I may have even used a point or two I didn't have available.)  What is important is that I tracked, though. 

I practiced moderation all week and that in itself is often my struggle.

I had a loss at the scale.  It was nothing huge but a loss nonetheless.  Every little bit gets me closer to a healthy weight.  With so much heart disease and diabetes in my family, I'm fighting an uphill battle against genetics and I can't afford to concede any unnecessary ground.

Thank you, again, to those of you who continue to show your support.  I can't wait to see some of my TN folks when we come for a visit in a couple months!

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