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Monday, March 12, 2012

What have you blogged for me lately?

I've been a deadbeat blogger lately, I know.  I would give my reasons but if you read this blaaahg at all you can guess a few.  
So, I thought I'd dust off this old post about how I addressed a similar absence from my blaaaaahg a year and a half ago because I'm being a lazy blogger and have no new photos to share for a little trip down memory lane.

Until next time...

(September 2010)

I haven't taken any pictures lately.

I haven't done any crafts.
Or organizing, re-purposing, or great yardsale-ing, either.

I don't have any heart-warming anecdotes to share.
No funny remarks made by a child.

What I have been doing is living the "filler portion" of life.


Grocery store -- preschool -- housework -- White Collar(FAVE new show) -- Dirty diapers -- Speech Therapy -- "Hi honey, How was your day?" -- Nap time -- Laundry -- "I wuv you" -- "I said GO TO BED AND STOP PLAYING LEGOS" -- Stray Cheerios -- Cherrio dust on the kitchen floor -- Cheerio's in the diaper -- How is there a Cheerio in my bed? -- Great, the Cheerio is moist, too --

part of life.

You get the picture.
No complaints. Just living our little life.

Hope everybody has a great week-- wait. There is a Cheerio in my bra.

Ok, maybe one minor complaint.

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