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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reunited and it feels so gooood

It had been too long.

BigBoy had not seen Biz since her birthday in June.

During our visit yesterday, they played hard and had a great time as usual.

Every time they are together, they laugh, love on each other, and almost never argue.

Biz' mother and I can't really explain it.

They can spend long periods apart.
They can make lots of new friends.

They can even have completely different interests and skill levels.

But the sweet friend they see in each other never seems to change.

Thank goodness. :)


Melissa said...

So sweet :)

Gramps said...

Wow, finding your soulmate at birth! I'm halfway kidding, but you can see they love each other. I hope it's a lifetime friendship for them. Maybe it will turn into something more when they are older. Only time will tell.

elise said...

Leland's got a bff/betrothed named Brooklynn who is the same for him :O) they are always states apart but have been besties since birth and are perfect together :O)

Cayce said...

IT's crazy, isn't it? So sweet...