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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WW Wednesday: 20 in 20 - Week 16

"Oooohkaay, so enough of that."

That's how I feel about my weigh-in this week.

Yep, you guessed it: I gained again.

Not much and in all actuality I might have broken even at the scale if it weren't for the slightly heavier garments I was wearing.
In fact, I told Melissa that I wouldn't be disappointed if it weren't for my Challenge.  :)

But again, ENOUGH OF THAT!

I'm getting tired of this crawling and I'm ready to put on my big girl pants and roll through the rest of these l-b's!

I know maintaining a healthy weight won't be a walk in the park but I'm ready for THAT challenge.
Like antsy for it in an are-we-there-yet?-every-five-minutes sort of way.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I decided to take this process slow but I'm ready for this portion of the journey  (baby barf with cheese on top) to be done.

(Yes, I just said "baby barf with cheese on top" in reference to my use of the word joooouuurney.  Sorry 'bout the mental image.)

It's kind of like going on a long trip --  you can have a blast while you are gone but as soon as home is within sight you just want to be there.  You know a massive amount of laundry awaits, but again, just to be there.

So, that's where I am today.

At least I've cured my craving for melted cheese on food.

Temporarily, anyway. ;)

 Challenge, participants, let us hear from ya!


Daddy said...

I'm still holding steady at what I started out with, but, in my defense, I had lost 30 lbs. before I signed on for this. My main concern is that you put plenty of pictures of the kids on the blog. With that, I am very happy, whether I lose any more weight or not. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love you all.

A Bunch of Hicks said...

I know what your Dad is saying! I could not even concentrate on the words with all that cuteness going on!!
She is seriously AdOrAbLe!!! I love her hair and her sweet cheeks! ♥♥♥

Melissa said...

I had a good loss this week. I am with you, Cayce - let's get this done!

shelley said...

I'm not in the challenge but I had a lost of sorts...lost my mind...my sunglasses...my backup sunglasses...
But seriously, it's a great accomplishment & you have the right attitude. Proud of you. Love the pics. Need more BigBoy though.
PS: every one at work thinks the kids are adorable.

Cayce said...

Shelley, BabyCakes is just with me more these days so it is a lot easier to get pics. I've been wanting some good ones of BigBoy, too, though.