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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo Humbug

Oh yay.  Halloween.

Give me a break, it was raining.  

BigBoy didn't want to wear the mask that went with his Optimus Prime costume, and I didn't try to push it.

BabyCakes only had a pseudo-costume in the giraffe-print dress Aunt Jane made her (because I don't really care about Halloween and didn't want to spend $15 on an outfit she would wear once and never remember).

But I faked it and pretended I was we got excited about it anyway!
At least we went trick-or-treating, unlike last year.

BabyCakes got so excited that it took 3 hours for her to finally go to sleep.
Yep, she put the trick in trick-or-treat.

Boo humbug.

Now where are those fun-size Snickers BigBoy got tonight???

(Forgive the point-n-shoot shots.  That camera was closest when I went for one.)

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