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Sunday, October 30, 2011


A few glimpses into our weekend via J's new iphone...

On Saturday we enjoyed the best toy $4 could ever buy.

I found this Lego set at a yard sale last year, instruction manual and all.  It is currently listed for sale on Amazon for $159.95.
We were only missing one piece and BigBoy dug through his stash until he found a replacement.

BigBoy visited a bigger T-Rex at the NC Science Center on Sunday (today).
He wasn't afraid of him like last time.

The tigers were prowling around up close and personal.

Usually they are lazy and reclusive, like much smaller cats. :)

It was a fun morning full of curiosity and whining in the car.

BabyCakes is napping.  

Why am I typing?!


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Daddy said...

What a neat toy, and only $4. Your Mother will be proud. I also loved Legos as a child. Must run in the family. Getting excited about our impending visit. Love you all!