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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twin Turbos

Today I met my friend Jennifer and her 5-year-old twins at a local park.

Jen has been a good friend to me and I was looking forward to trying my hand at capturing her and her fun (aka, very energetic) children on film. :)

We started at the playground.  Nathan is laying on TOP of a tunnel all other children probably just crawl through.  I doubt BigBoy would even think to climb up on this, let alone actually do it.

Nathan's pretty sister Elly hangs right in there with him.

I think she waffles back and forth between being a wild child and a mama's girl.  :)

After the playground we strolled down to the lake front where they fed ducks and threw sticks for a lucky dog on a walk with his owner.

Right now these beautiful blondes seem to be the best of friends.

Like all siblings, they can argue and fight.
But in these precious fleeting years, they are just as likely to love and embrace.

"Not double trouble, but twice blessed." ~Author unknown


Daddy said...

What a pretty family! The pictures you took of them are great. I could sure use a couple of new 5x7's for my desk (hint,hint) of Jacob and Katie. Can't wait to see you guys. Pa seems excited now about the prospect of coming out.
Love ya!

Rachel said...

Those are really sweet pictures - great job!! When can I talk you into taking more of my girls? :-))

Melissa said...

Great pics!! You are so very talented, my friend :)

Alesia said...

You photography work is stunningly beautiful!! Wish you were in Louisville to capture my little ones!! :)