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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WW Wednesday: 20 in 20 - Week 14

Good morning, beautiful blaaaaaahg friends of mine!
I'm up super-early and thought I would do things a little different today.  Instead of letting my actual weigh-in/meeting experience color my post, I'm taking a crack at it with my (usually blindly naive) pre-meeting optimism.

The scale does not scare me in the least today.  I know I had a good week -- with regard to food choices, anyway.  Also, a great workout on Monday woke up some muscles that had previously been slacking off. (I'm talkin to you, glutes!)
No matter what the number reads today, I'm happy with where I stand in this journey. (Can you see me rolling my eyes and drawing out the word every time I say this?  You should.)

Before I get to my results, I want to check-in on my Challenge participants.  I haven't heard from some of you in a while, so let me hear how you are doing!  No one is going to be disappointed in slow progress, least of all me!  Goodness knows I haven't lost 14 in 14!  The point is to just be conscious of where you are  and what small changes can do to help you toward becoming a healthier you.

(Ok, I just typed that myself and STILL gagged at "healthier you."  I sound like Dr. Oz instead of my chocolate-loving self.  Forgive me, this hippy healthy talk is insidious.)

I had a nice loss at the scale today and I got my 50-lb medal (even though I'm actually at 62 if we're keeping track)!
But that represents what I did yesterday. Now for today.
As always, it's a new day.

P.S. I had what WW calls a "Non-Scale Victory" this week that I'd like to share.
I was hosting a birthday dinner and I was responsible for making the brownies for dessert.  I called one of the guests and asked them if they could make the brownies instead, and I could take care of dips & pita chips -- foods that are much less tempting to me than brownies with extra chocolate chips.
I allowed myself to have a warm brownie a la mode at the party, but that was it.
No leftovers, no batter-eating, nothing.  I haven't touched my dip leftovers but those brownies would have been breakfast the next day!
So, lesson learned, it is okay to ask for a change when you think you've encountered an obstacle.  Your friends want to support your goals!

Photos are from a November 2009 stroll on Duke University's campus.  I know they aren't very fitting for this WW post, but at least they are seasonal.  :)


Melissa said...

Up this week, but I tracked today. This will be a better week :)

A Bunch of Hicks said...

I am so proud of you!! I wish I had a teeny bit of your drive!!

And I am also trying to figure out where photo number 2 would look best hanging on my wall!! I LOVE that shot!!

Cayce said...

I don't know about "drive." I'm more just nagging myself to the goal line. :) You can do it if you want, Jana! You see how slowly I am moving forward!

Oh and thanks about the picture. I got a lot of nice shots that day. I actually have a huge collage of them framed hanging in my living room.