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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin (cutie)Pies

"Hey kids!  Miracle of all miracles, we are running ahead of schedule for school today!  Let's take a few pics in your new Halloween clothes from Papa and Grandma!"

"Yes, pretty as usual, BigBoy."

"Much more natural."

"Is he entertaining you, BabyCakes?"

"I see you've learned from his example."

"Yes, yes you earned your stinker status long ago.

"It's okay, you'll see neighbor James tomorrow.  Just wave bye-bye."

"You have BigBoy to beat on love on until then."

(How do you think he got those scratches on his face?)


Melissa said...

Was Katie trying to help make BB's Optimus Prime costume more life-life with the scratches?
Love the pics and their outfits are great.

A Bunch of Hicks said...

love the outfits!! so cute!!
And I love the "stinker" faces!!

Cayce said...

Yeah, I took them to target after school and they were walking and holding hands. If I had a dollar for every "Awww!" I heard... :)
Maybe one of those people can come home and scrub sharpie off my cabinets.