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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Straight Talk

Today I had my hair styled straight.  I can't do it at home because it is a long process of concentrated hair-drying, serums, and a flat-iron.  I just don't care enough about doing it to put in the effort on a regular basis.  
Today I went to Great Clips and they styled it straight for me.  It should last a couple more days because my hair takes a long time to get oily.

Just thought I'd share these awful night-time-and-me-holding-the-camera-in-my-bathroom-mirror pics because I know most of you have never seen me sans-big hair. 

 I'm not using the flash so the pics were all are pretty grainy.

I think you get the drift.

I feel like a different person without my curls.  Like I need a sign that says "Curly hair to return at:" next to one of those little adjustable clocks you see by the mall Santas.
Not that I think there is anything wrong with straight hair!  Heck, I coveted it for years!

Anyway, I like it, I just don't feel like the same curl.  ;)

I think that's okay for a couple days, though.


Rachel said...

You look great! I love your curls, but you look great with straight-ish hair too!

Moma said...

You look beautiful!
Love you!!

A Bunch of Hicks said...

You are gorgeous, my friend!!
I too love your curls, but it is fun to "be" someone else for a change!!

elise said...

you look so different!!
Looks great! I totally understand- my hair used to me MUCH curlier and i only wash it like once or twice a week so styles last longer:O) the pros to having curly, thick, dryish hair :O)
and hey you look SUPER thIn! way to go!

Daddy said...

Oh my goodness! I love your curly hair, but this makes you look so much like my Mom. You're beautiful any way you want to style it. Love you!

Cayce said...

Ya'll are sweeter than candy corn cupcakes! :)

Mmmm... candy corn... cupcakes...

Alesia said...

LOVE the straight look. You look like you are 18!!! Beautiful any way you look at it!

Cayce said...

Oh how I love thee, Alesia...