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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double Dino Trouble

mentioned recently how much I love the new dino-printed dress we got from Grandma and I promised to try for some pics of BigBoy in his pj's she made.
Here the two of them are together -- one still in pj's and the other already dressed but with hair big and natural, not yet (semi) tamed for the day.

 They get a little nuts together.  As BigBoy would say, "This is how we roll."

I hope everyone has a good day!  This is how I got to start mine, so I'm pretty happy!


Rachel said...


shelley said...

Thank you for the pics. They are so adorable.

Frauenfelder said...

You should just let her hair be crazy like that! I love it :)

Cayce said...

I know these pictures are indoors and not styled or really creative, but they are my favorite in a LONG time. They are just soooo "my children." They just make me smile and laugh when I see them!
I think one day when I am am old and gray, I am going to have one of these shots in a frame on the table next to my recliner.

Amber Lee said...

These are perfect. I love the one of her looking at him.

Cayce said...

That's my favorite, Amber! The full-length one like that. Def. in my top 10 all-time. :)