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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Room Mom

I received an email today from the "room mom" of BigBoy's class.
Now, the room mom coordinates the volunteer schedule, requests needed supplies, and generally spends more time in class than the rest of us mere mortal parents combined.

Well, apparently she takes pictures too.

She takes pictures of the field trips she chaperones, the trips to the nursing home she orchestrates, and the gingerbread-house-making for which I supplied store-brand gumdrops and canned frosting.

Yes, today she invited me to see her album of 534,000 (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit here) photos of BigBoy's kindergarten class and all their antics.

I'm so glad there is a woman to do all that.
A woman with another child too young for school and yet is still able to volunteer as much as she does.  (There went my excuse...)
A woman who made individual Christmas goodie bags for all the children.
A woman who helps my son open his milk at lunch and always wears perfume.

Really, I am.

Never has she even insinuated that I don't do enough for/with the class.  She has been nothing but gracious and accommodating to me, and talks about how sweet my son is every time I  oh-so-infrequently grace the halls see her.

I bet her blonde hair is even her natural color.

Damn her.



Melissa said...

Seriously laughing out loud! You are a wonderful mom, by the way, no need to compare yourself to anyone...easier said than done, I know :)

A Bunch of Hicks said...

You are so funny!!
This lady makes me feel bad and I am the room mom! I somehow ended up being the "Craft Mom". I always end up doing the crafts with the kids and never have time to take pics.

I saw a saying somewhere last week that was SO Room Mom. It said, "Someone please stop me before I volunteer again!"

Cayce said...

All hail the room mom! More power to ya, Jana!

Kelly said...

I never want to be this woman. Ever. But Jana, I'm proud of you for being her :)