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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WW Wednesday


HI!!!!  How are you today???

Yo, how's it goin?

Greetings and salutations,

Hey dare ho dare (Anyone else remember the dog walker from Mad About You?)

Hey!  I think I'm crashing off my caffeine now, luckily for you.  
First of all, BabyCakes is starting to improve some, thank you all for asking!  She only woke up once last night and I gave her a pedialyte-tylenol cocktail and she miraculously went back to sleep.  
She's still irritable a lot throughout the day, but I don't blame her.  She did, however, behave well during my WW meeting.  We sat over to the side by ourselves.  I wanted to be able to leave easily if she seemed the least bit uncomfortable.  We settled in to the couch and I gave her a wet wipe she used to clean the surrounding tables.  :)  There also may have been some Smarties involved in her distraction... 

Regarding my past week in healthy choices: it really wasn't so bad.  
Because I was sick over the weekend and BabyCakes has been sick this week, I got in a fraction of the activity I did the week before.  
You would think that with all this sickness going around I would not being eating much, but ohhhhhh my friend, if only that were true.  When I am sick and tired is when I am at my weakest; I just want to comfort myself with peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes I suppose.  (I think I just used that semi-colon correctly.  Kelly?)  Yes, I actually made and ate peanut butter and chocolate pancakes.  I am in fact an 8 year old girl.

So, for the weigh-in:  Oatmeal breakfast, normal/light-weight clothes (not the lightest possible) -- Down at the scale.  I was hoping for/expecting a tiny loss but was pleasantly surprised.  Let's just put it this way: Next week I could be in a different "decade" of numbers and it feels surreal.  

I find myself using the word "surreal" a lot these days.

Thank you to those of you who have shown your support over the last year.  Your comments and emails of support mean a great deal to me!  Please let me know if there are any goals I can help you work toward achieving.  

P.S.  I didn't have any new photos to share today so I decided just to pick some random January 2010, 2011, and 2012 shots of the chitlins.  BabyCakes might hate me for the last one some day, but I'm willing to risk it.  ;) The pic represents her relationship with BigBoy right now very well!

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