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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Typing Dead

Sorry to be dramatic, but that's how I feel this morning.
My neck is sore, my mouth is dry, and I'm pretty sure it's January.  Friday, right?

BabyCakes had a coughing fit on Wednesday afternoon so I took her back to the pediatrician (who promptly stated that she believed I too had pneumonia instead of my previously-diagnosed bronchitis) for some time with a nebulizer.

She fought and screamed and cried and fought some more, so they didn't send it home with us.
Use 3 humidifiers?  Steam showers? Meds and saline spray?  Check, check, check.

Thursday night she slept soundly.  She coughed some at one point but never woke up.
Whew, glad that's done!

Oh but last night. Last night she woke up around 1:00 -- I think. My secretary was off-duty -- and it was downhill from there.
The previous solution of pushing the ottoman against the couch and me cuddling up with her (uncomfortably) was not cutting it.
This led to more crying and more coughing.

I got up to pee at 4 and she was still awake and now diaper-less when I returned from my 90-second trip to the bathroom.

New diaper, more tears, more coughing.

Why did we move the hamster to the living room bookshelves? Why does she insist on running in that darn "silent" wheel?

Drift off finally.  Hear the poor hubs moving around the bedroom getting ready for work at 4:30...or something. At least he insisted we get to bed early because he had an early day and in case it was a rough night with BabyCakes.  Smart man.
Text him goodbye because I don't want to wake BabyCakes who is burrowed into my armpit.

Drift off and wake up at 5:45 to coughing.

But it's not BabyCakes.

"Mooooom, I feel sick."


I am not sharing these events to complain.  Times when my kids are sick I am even more aware of how healthy they really are and how lucky we are in that area.
But, if this blaaaahg is going to be even a halfway accurate depiction of my Curly life, I had to remember it.  Hope you all are well!


Melissa said...

So, so sorry :(. Hope you are able to rest and recover over the weekend.

Daddy said...

Hope everyone is better soon. I have a Sinus infection and cough too. Need to move to the Bahamas where it's nice and warm. Give the kids a big hug from Gramps and Granny. Love you all!

Alesia said...

Hope you all are on the mend now!! You must be careful with that pneumonia stuff....always watch for it, as it tends to recur in people who have had it once. :( Love ya'll!