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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Biology class I was enrolled for was cancelled at the last minute.
It looks like one of the (very few) classes that still has spots remaining AND will fit my degree needs is an English course called "Expository Writing II."  I think I might enjoy this class...

(Of course I'll need to finally learn WHERE THE HECK to put punctuation when quotation marks are involved.)

Unfortunately I can't register for the course tonight because my AP scores aren't showing up on my online transcript.
(Even though I've taken an English course beyond the Freshman level, it still says I don't have my pre-reqs fulfilled because of this one missing course.)

There are magically 9 spots left.

Cross your fingers that one remains open until I can talk to a registrar about lifting the flag for me in the morning!

Pretty please!?!
(This is BigBoy's "but-I'm-cute-so-can't-I-please-have-another-cup-of-hot-chocolate-with-247-mini-marshmallows-on-top?" face. It's the same one I will use on the phone with the school in the morning.  Maybe I should just lug the kids up there with me. ;) )


Frauenfelder said...

T^T I miss you! Give hugs to everyone!

Cayce said...

we miss you too! xoxo