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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BabyCakes' force field must be on the fritz.

Hi, Cayce here just checking in for a moment during the last of BabyCakes' nap.
I thought you fine people might like a little update:

1. My classes are going well...ish.  Nope, let me start over because it could be a lot worse.  My classes are going well.  Everything in life seems to get more complicated than we expect but in the grand scheme of things, these "complications" are merely making the whole going-back-to-school thing more interesting, you could say. 
Anyone have a good idea for a research paper about an event affecting world history?  

2. The weather it bat-crap crazy around here.  Thirty two degrees one day and 64 the next, crazy.  It's making everyone sick. And by "everyone," (is that where that comma goes, kelly?) I mean BabyCakes.
Poor thing has PNEUMONIA.  What the ????  She's going to be fine, but that word sounds scarier to me than the idea of a ban on chocolate. (a situation that would also require medical attention in my case)

3. BigBoy is not sick.  (knock on wood)  He says his "force shield is protecting him from getting sick."  Sometimes he coughs and then says "a plasma cannon hit my force shield but I fixed it so now I can't get sick any more."  LOL.  Skinny little nut.

**Update: When I picked him up from school I told him about BabyCakes and how he needs to make sure not to hug and kiss on her.  He said "Yeah, because my force shield broke again and I don't know how to fix it this time."  I said "Can't you just build a new one?"  He replied, "No, but Teddy can.  I'll tell him to get right on that."

My blaaaahg is worth the time if only to remember that conversation.  :)

4...Ok so that's it.  I only had 10 minutes to spend on the blaaaahg (again, I know you feel so special!) so I'm outtie!
(Yes, I just typed that and I've had enough caffeine today to not care.)
See you people tomorrow!


Jana said...

I was just getting ready to email you.
Hope the little Miss gets to feeling better ASAP!! And that force field protects ALL of you!
I am not a fan of cold weather, but I do wish it would make up its mind whether it wants to be winter or spring! I vote SPRING!!!

Cayce said...

Thank you, Jana!
You know what season I vote for!!

Rachel said...

Awww...poor BabyCakes! So sorry to hear that. Hope she recovers quickly. Clorox wipes, my friend. Clorox wipes. Not that they ever seem to stop the spread of germs in my house, but at least I feel like I'm disinfecting.

Cayce said...

Thanks, Rachel. Here's hopin tonight she finally sleeps a little easier. She's been cranky and exhausted for days.
Oh and the pediatrician heard me cough and sent me to the doc who worked me in-- yeah I have bronchitis and Jon has a sinus infection.
Never have I been more unhappy to see BigBoy with a thick runny nose after school...

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep and that everyone gets their force fields repaired soon :)

Alesia said...

Hope everyone is now better.....Jesse's two have colds and with little ones it makes it a tough go......

Love ya

Alesia said...

Hope everyone is now better.....Jesse's two have colds and with little ones it makes it a tough go......

Love ya