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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WW Wednesday

I had a pretty good week in the "healthy choices department" even with all the cupcakes around.
I got some exercise in.  I would elaborate but I am crunched for time.

I had a nice loss at the scale today.  :D


Almost my entire "work day" has been spent wrangling my online classes for this semester.

I even lugged BabyCakes to the main campus.  It's a long story but all that matters is that I am enrolled for the English class I mentioned last night AND a History class!
Tuition is paid and everything!

Now I just need to buy my books and take a gander at Blackboard.

Wow.  I really did it.  I'm officially back in school even if it is just part-time.
I had to practically waterboard a department head to get here, and at times today I didn't know if it would happen, but here I am.

Wish me luck and be forgiving if/when my blaaaahging suffers!

 ~ Cayce


Melissa said...

You're going to do really well, Cayce. So proud of you for taking the plunge and getting back into school :)

Cayce said...

Thank you, Melissa! You know how hard it was for me yesterday! I ordered my books today and I had my first official day today. Thank you for your support as always!

Kelly said...

What are you wanting to major in? I am so happy/ proud for you!!

Cayce said...

Thank you, Kelly! Right now just working toward an associates bc the classes are cheaper and online courses are more plentiful. Then hoping to transfer to NC state to finish a BA, probably in psych b/c that is what I have the most classes in.

You know what it is like going back!