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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WW Wednesday

Hi there!
I was trying to do work for my classes but Blackboard suddenly crapped-out (yes, that is the technical term for what happened) so I decided to mosey over to my blaaaahg for a bit.  Well don't you feel special?  :)

Today I was a bit disappointed at my WW meeting, to be honest.  I got a lot of extra exercise last week and did not see the results at the scale I was hoping for.  I had a loss, but not a loss like I was expecting.
I am still proud of my tracking all week and increase in activity, though,  I think/hope the scale will be a little more accommodating next week.

My goal for this week is to continue tracking everything and keep the increased activity.  Rainy days like this don't exactly inspire me to hit the gym, but some times you have to create your own inspiration.

That is the magnet BigBoy made in Art class.  I think it is beauuutiful and I will possible copy it, enlarge it, and hang it in a frame on my wall.

Ok now, anyone? Motivational anything you would like to share???


Frauenfelder said...

You can do it!!!! You're way skinny now anyways so don't beat yourself up...:)

shelley said...

Love the magnet. I lost 7 lbs. since Sunday. All I did was make bad turkey and end up not being able to eat for three days! Don't do that. Lol.

Cayce said...

Ally -- "way skinny"--- you always were a funny one. ;) Thank you for the encouragement!

Shelley - yeah, I'll pass on the bad turkey. I hope you feel better soon, sounds rough!