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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WW Wednesday

I have exactly 5 minutes to write this post so it's going to be fast and dirty.

I made a lot of healthy choices this past WW week. I think I learned the most when I made a poor choice, though. I didn't get the same satisfaction that I used to get, and that's a good advancement for me.

I forgot the stroller today when I took the kids out and ended up carrying BabyCakes in my arms for over an hour. she weighs roughly the same as what I have lost and when I put her back in the car and stood up, it really hit me why I feel so much better these days.

My weigh-in at WW was good today: I lost. I've decided not to share the actual numbers every week now because I don't want to take focus off the important issue, and that is making healthier choices, not losing weight. This week I worked to eat better and I did, and it was reflected on the scale.

Okay, so my goal for the upcoming week is to stay focused and plan my Thanksgiving menu. I don't want there to be any surprises on the scale at my post-turkey day weigh-in.

Now on to the oral surgeon for a wisdom-teeth-removal consult. Feel for me.


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