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Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Got Back problems

Good morning! Is anyone else as mixed up with the time right now as I am? I guess it would help if I changed ANY of the clocks in the house other than the bedside alarm clock, and J did that.

We had a strange weekend. Thursday I strained my back and by Friday afternoon I was in full-on pain and couldn't make it stop. Now, this was no migraine, but it hurt. It got hard to move.
I think carrying a 22 pound baby might have helped it along, too. Between BabyCakes and my um... other physical attributes, it's amazing my back doesn't hurt more often.
Anyway, it did.
So I rested. I sat. With a heating pad... all weekend.

It was weird.

Other than taking the kids to get flu shots on Saturday, I did almost nothing constructive. I helped keep the children alive and fed, made sure the house didn't implode... and sat.

As for this morning, I've never been so happy to be up and doing laundry!
Yes, my back is feeling much better and it's a good thing -- I have lots to do.
I'm trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas little by little this year. No last-minute grocery shopping or gift-wrapping here. (At least that's the plan.)
Just like my health goals, I'm going to get my household and holiday tasks done little by little.

Okay, I'm off to tackle that pile of clothes that don't really fit anymore and even when I can wear them again I still won't really like stuff on top of the dryer that needs a home. Maybe I'll just donate them. If I liked them that much I wouldn't even have to debate it.


P.S. The following was added because Gramps complained about the lack of a grandchild pic. Thought I'd throw him a bone...

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Gramps said...

Thanks for the picture. A blog is not a blog without a picture of the kids - at least from a grandparent's viewpoint. Love you guys. Keep on blogging!