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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have the best babysitter in the world.

As I mentioned yesterday, Neighbor Stacy watches BabyCakes while I go to my WW meetings on Wednesdays.

She knitted this sweater for her when she was born and I was surprised to find that it fits.
I thought Stacy would enjoy seeing her wear it.

(I got these big smiles by jumping around on my front porch waving my arms and saying "Boogers! Boogers!" Classy, I know. At least I got the picture, though. Try it sometime when your kids aren't cooperating and see if it doesn't work for a smile!)

When I got home an hour-ish later this is what I found:

Adorable, aren't they?!

And all it cost me was 3 cans of Chunky Soup and 2 sleeves of saltines.

If only Gymboree worked like that.


Jana said...

That green sweater is beautiful, wish I had one for myself!
Those babies are precious!! Love those sweet smiles!

Gramps said...

It's amazing! They look more like me all the time. Got to have copies of these pictures and the previous ones. Does your neighbor need more friends? I wear a men's Large, just in case. Keep up whatever you're doing, the kids seem really happy. Love you!

Rachel said...

I want a neighbor like her!!!!!

cayce said...

Haha, she's all mine!