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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WW Wednesday

Today was good. Let me just say that. It was better than expected.
Actually, I lost twice as much as I gained last week. I'm like scary-close to the size I was when I got married, and that feels really good. Maybe I'll be there in a month.

Maybe two. :)

I'm finding that my post-baby body is not the same at these weights as it was at these weights before, though. (Did that sentence make sense? I think you know what I mean...)
Oh well, this body grew and protected two healthy children so I should be thankful for this body no matter what its condition, right?

Well there is currently a 4 year old begging for my attention and a baby napping so I don't have long but I wanted to check in.

Lesson I learned this week: Don't let hormones drive you into a chocolate coma. You CAN resist it if you want to. (I'll have to test that theory out next month, though.)

Goal for the upcoming week: Continue the cardio and add in some resistance training.


Amber Lee said...

That's really, really good. Keep up the good work! I know exactly what you mean about the body be different at a particular weight... everything shifted to a new spot!

And you're going to have to teach me this chocolate-resistance technique. What a strange concept ;)

cayce said...

Thanks for the support, Amber. Yes, things are being put back together in a different way than they started! :)
Oh and the chocolate resistance thing? I think I misrepresented myself. What I meant was that I NEED to resist instead of CAN already resist it. :) I meant it more as a "Come on Cayce, you can do this" kind of thing. So, yeah, I'll have to see how that goes in 4 weeks or so. ;)