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Thursday, January 13, 2011


When we left for speech therapy and preschool this morning, BigBoy insisted we take Teddy. I think he's getting too old for that sort of thing, but I said he could go for his last ride to school.

As we were hustling to get to school on time, BigBoy requested that I put Teddy in the front seat with the seat belt on.

I forgot.

At one point on the road I had to hit the brakes a little hard and poor Teddy went flyin.

When I pulled into the parking lot at the doctor's office, I dusted poor Teddy off and buckled him in safely as his sweet 4-year-old caretaker had requested.

Poor Teddy. Just because you don't have a beating heart doesn't mean you aren't a life worth preserving.


Kelly said...

Your NEVER too old to pack your teddy. Mine was my blanket. It went with me to college, stayed in my suitcase (but was there) on my honeymoon, secretly stayed under my pillow every night my first year of marriage. She is tucked away in a basket in our room now and when I clean, every now and then I get her out and love her a bit. Again, you are never to old for your teddy....or your blanket.

cayce said...

Yes, I have learned my lesson with regards to teddy. He still can't go in to school, though. :)

Kelly said...

I will say that I never asked to take my blanket to school or anywhere like that. I just HAD to have it by bed.