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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Gramps doesn't start boycotting my blaaaahhhg (seriously people, I need a new word for this.), here's a pic of BabyCakes.
I straight up grabbed the camera and took a picture of her. She's been sick so I didn't want to mess with her too much just to piss her off.

No camera setting adjustments, no diaper changes (ewww, she stinks), no removing her delicious, forbidden toy
the remote from her hands, no changing of scenery (that's the exercise bike in our gym* she's holding on to.).

Yes, the children are alive. Here's proof. Well, of one, anyway.
Their "sickness" (some congestion and runny noses) only drives home the point that we are very blessed. I'll take waking up several times a night if it means that's the worst of it.

Of course, I might not be saying that in a few days... ;)

* Our "gym" is the corner of our bedroom that barely fits two bikes so we can work out at the same time. We even have to move the bikes against the wall during the day to be able to walk around our bed. It's kind of like trying to fit a trampoline in your bathroom. ;)

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