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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BigBoy's room update

Outerbanks is on the walls. It wasn't our finest paint job, but it's done and we're happy with the color. (Rex is too.)

We've been painting the chest of drawers and bookshelf in the garage. J bought a space heater and 2 new shop lights for the garage so we can actually see to work when the frigid-cold-shielding garage door is closed.

I'm loving the no-VOC Olympic paint we chose. It's a lot more pleasurable painting without the paint stank all over you.

The chest of drawers still has (hopefully only) one more coat left and the bookshelf needs two, but these pieces really haven't been that bad.

Famous last words, right? :)

I'll keep you updated. Who doesn't love a good "Before & After"?

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amberlee said...

I do, I do! ;)