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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WW Wednesday

Today was my WW meeting. I knew a lot of people would be joining today as part of their resolutions to lose weight, but MAN! There were a LOT of people. More power to 'em! err, us. :)

As I have said recently, J was off for a nice long stretch over Christmas and New Year's and we might have gone to IHOP once or twice three four times in that period. (Four? I think it was four.) Before you judge, just know that the only time we eat out as a family is at breakfast because that is the time we can depend on both of our children being awake, agreeing to eat what's in front of them (even if that is a chocolate pancake, bacon, and chocolate milk), and happy/sane.
We decided to really enjoy our time with Daddy home and at least I had coupons. :)

(The above bacon was cooked by Pa, and yes, it is that good. His bacon is photo-worthy.)

Anyway, even with all the IHOPping, I managed to work it into my day well. If we had a big breakfast, we ate light the rest of the day.
It paid off because I had a nice loss today during my weigh-in.

Lesson learned this week: If I'm honest with myself about exactly what and how much I'm eating, then it's easier to work in all the "fun" foods. In WW terms, "tracking" works.

Goal for the upcoming week: Plan what we are having for dinner by 10:00 am that day. I could say, "Plan the whole week" but that's not something I can commit to. I need flexibility. So let's be real and say that by 10:00 I am going to have dinner planned -- even if dinner means leftovers. I am being real here. :)


Kelly said...

WW here I come!!! I am cheap and pretty much not employed, so I googled and figured up my points. I have books with point values at home that I got from...well, I don't even remember. I am pretty excited! Thanks for talking to me about it today and you are now responsible for yelling at me when my actions are not as they should be in the eating dept! Congratulations on your new job as my coach!

cayce said...

Great! Now, you know the plan has changed, right? It's now PointsPlus instead of Points. You can still do the old Points program if you make sure you don't o back and forth between, because that won't work. Do you have a slide rule for calculating how many points are in different foods you don't find in your book?