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Monday, December 20, 2010

Little June Turns One

Back in June at BabyCake's half-Birthday, I took some photos of her in my pearl necklace. I talked about my plans to photograph her on her birthdays here.

BabyCakes has brought so much joy to our lives here in the "green house," as BigBoy refers to it. (Not to be confused with a greenhouse -- a place where plants actually live and thrive. Two out of 5 of my poinsettias are already down for the count and the Christmas tree is hanging on for dear life.)
Here are some things I have learned about her this year:

1. She is not a younger, female version of my first baby. She is very much her own person with distinct likes and dislikes. For example, she likes sleeping in her own bed in her own home.
She dislikes staying up late just because something or someone new or different is involved.
The girl enjoys her sleep.

2. BabyCakes is resilient. The child hardly cries. I've seen her pull barstools on top of herself with barely a whimper. She rolls with the punches. That child is tough and when you see tears, it usually means I haven't done my job and gotten her to her crib on time.

3. She shares her bother's mischievous spirit. Nothing seems to make them giggle harder than when I squeal that they are getting into something they shouldn't.

4. Her favorite past time is exploration. Toys, dolls, books -- nothing lasts long in her hands. If I were to let her loose, she could have every cabinet and drawer in the house emptied in half an hour.
Restricting her access to new areas to explore is the easiest way to make her upset. (Aside from putting her in a strange bed.)

5. I have no idea how we will get along in the future. Sometimes I worry that we are too different. Then I remind myself that she just now turned ONE. There is still so much to come from this wonderful child. Besides, she's soooo easy-going.

Happy First Birthday, BabyCakes! It's been an incredible year having you in it!


Rachel said...

LOVE it, and the post after it too. So sweet. Can't believe she's one already!!! Happy Birthday, BabyCakes! xoxo

Jana said...

I can appreciate a girl who likes to sleep, I wish she would come have a talk with Audrey and let her know she Can and Should sleep all night now!!
Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!!

Katie said...

Aww, how sweet! She is so precious...with her little twirly curls! Bless her heart ... I could just love on her. :o)

cayce said...

Aw, thanks ladies!

amberlee said...

Happy Birthday K!
She's a DOLL (and I still LOVE the pearl idea!!).

Alesia said...

I guess my post didn't go through....don't know why. LOVE the pictures. You do an awesome job. I would love a copy of the one with the doll. THe lighting is awesome and the picture is precious!! Love you. Have a wonderful Christmas season with the sweet little ones!!

Amanda said...

she is too cute!!