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Friday, December 17, 2010

Photographic Inadequacies

Why can't I ever take a decent "special occasion" picture of my children?

Weddings? Nope.
Birthdays? Nope.
Holidays? Big. Fat. NOPE.

These are some of the BEST shots from today when I was trying to get a last-minute Christmas card picture out of them.

BabyCakes mid-jabber:

Oh Bigboy! Look here! Come on, people. Work with me!

Yes, lovely, son. Very natural. And, no. It doesn't look like your sister is twice your size. Noooo.

This was the best of the day:

Oh well. I don't think anyone who reads this blaaaahg is confused about what my children look like.

1 comment:

amberlee said...

The last one is perfect! However, I'm all about some imperfections ;)