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Thursday, January 8, 2015


A couple years ago my parents gave me a set of Christmas matryoshka dolls for my birthday.  We all like seeing them when we decorate for December, 
but BabyCakes looooves the "Christmas eggs," as she calls them.

This year I decided to buy her a set that she can have out and play with all year long. (The paint on the Christmas ones seems a bit fragile so she doesn't get to just play with them a lot.)

Turns out those suckers aren't cheap.

Unless you inadvertently order them from China (on Amazon).

And then it takes 6 freakin weeks to get them.

So, "Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year! Here you go, BabyCakes. It's a Wednesday -- have fun."

There are 10 in total and red/pink in color... and they are precious.  I knew the giant set would thrill her because she's never seen a set with more than 5 dolls in total, and that's kind of the point of them when you're a kid -- taking them apart and then nesting them again... over and over and over.

The tiniest one, complete with a painted face and all, was her favorite.

It fits inside the smallest doll to still open, named "Alice" by BabyCakes.

This morning she named all the girls and I wrote their names inside.
Welcome to the Davis family, 



Gracie (the baby, of course!)

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Daddy, Gramps said...

You were always fascinated by them. The ones you got are very cute, just like Katie. Love to all!