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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Frozen Walk in the Woods

Like all parents in America with children under the age of 10, I am no stranger to the phenomenon that is Frozen.  BabyCakes (Is she too old to call that?) looooves the movie and its songs and characters.  When I saw that my good friend and former neighbor Melissa was creating this fun twirly skirt for her new kids clothing shop, I knew one had BabyCakes' name on it.

I found the matching long sleeve tee at WalMart for $5 and it was an outfit.
Today was her first time wearing it, so we ventured into the frozen woods behind out house for a few photos before school.

 This Winter she is wearing it with knee socks and boots, but I plan to pair it with a short sleeve shirt and sandals for the summer.
It really is a fun twirly skirt for a little girl to just be a little girl in!

BabyCakes reminds me of Anna from Frozen.
She's playful, brave, and deeply loves her siblings -- she even makes up songs about how much she loves her family. :)

BabyCakes is also a dreamer with a big imagination and would totally "start talking to the pictures on the walls" if she was alone!

The new Frozen skirt is just like our BabyCakes, sweet and full of personality. :)

Check out Especially Special Designs Facebook page for details on Melissa's children's clothing and her services. You might even recognize a couple other things she's done in the past! (hint: pearls were involved)


Alesia said...

Love the pictures and the blog!

Gramps said...

Such pretty pictures of a pretty little girl. I have such wonderful grandchildren ( Sorry, but I don't hold back when I talk about my grandkids ) So proud of all of them.

Stephanie Driver said...

So cute! I need to get that skirt for Jasmine! :) I love your pictures. Your children are so precious!

Cayce said...

Stephanie, the skirt is made of nice quality cotton fabrics, too. It is much heavier and thicker than I expected, and I have no qualms with it being worn in the winter. Likewise, it still feels like a good summer weight. Just a well-made garment!