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Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting (kind of) crafty for Baby Honey

 I promise I won't talk about Christmas much longer.  I'm actually putting away the tree and decorations right now, but wanted to share this really quick.

I love to decorate for Christmas, but like to keep it pretty simple for the most part.  All of our ornaments are either gifts, made by the children, souvenirs from trips, or ones we've bought to represent our family that year. (like this one from 2005 when we were expecting but still didn't know the sex of the baby...)

We all felt sorry for baby Grace when she didn't have a single ornament for the tree this year, so I decided get a little crafty and make her one myself.  

--Fair warning: this is not a Pinterest-worthy project.--

I bought a 97-cent plastic globe ornament from WalMart and that was my only expense.
We've always enjoyed reading The Berenstain Bears books with our children, and with a boy as the oldest, then a girl, and finally a baby sister, our family was completed with our own "Baby Honey."  
"Baby Honey" became her nickname while she was in my belly and BabyCakes still calls her that.
After searching online with no luck, I decided to make my own Berenstain Bears ornament so our new addition would have a proper ornament on the tree.

First, I printed out a photo of our family onto regular printer paper (it looks better in person), sized to fit the ornament.  
Next I searched for an image of the Bear family and printed it out at the same size.  
I'd already packed up the ornament hooks, so I used a twisty tie from a loaf of bread for the next step.  I glued the pictures back to back with the twisty tie in between, and wrapped the twisty tie over the top of the globe and under the cap.  
This holds the pictures in place instead of them floating on the bottom of the globe.
I wrote on the top "Baby Honey Makes 5  - 2014" but you can't see it here because of the glare.

Wow, I just noticed that we are even standing the same way in our picture as the Bears are in theirs.
The ornament's not perfect, but neither are we.  
It does, however, represent what I look for in life these days:

It's simple, special, and makes me smile.  :)

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