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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WW Wednesday

Welcome to the post-Valentine's Day edition of WW Wednesday! 

First of all, I have to apologize for the state of my blog recently.  All my creative juices have been funneled in to my classes.  You know, for those writing assignments I actually get graded on. 
If my writing was a fried chicken, you're getting the drumsticks while my teachers get the big breast pieces. 
Anyone want a cold biscuit?
(Isn't it sad that in a weight-loss post I use a food metaphor?)

Here are some of the beautiful tulips my sweet hubs gave me yesterday I'm giving you all to suck up:


This week I did pretty well making healthy choices in the "normal meal" category.  (I consider "normal meals" those meals you have during the week, usually at home, that aren't particularly special.)

It's a good thing I did so well in this department because I had some bigger meals on the weekend that could have easily pushed me over the edge into Gaining territory.  I've been there before, though.  I have a gorgeous vacation home in Gaining and it's especially inviting at holidays.

I ended up have a nice little loss at the scale today (I may or may not have shot my fist in the air like a gold medal Olympian) and I got my +5 lost sticker in the meeting. 
I think the stickers should be scratch-and-sniff, don't you? ;) Talk about low points.

I'm going to share my grand total lost next week if I hit what I think I might hit.  (Not Goal, just a nice new number.)
That is, if I don't go all Cookie Monster on the Hershey Kisses we have in the house.
As for a Before & After shot like some of you've requested, I don't think I have the guts for that one yet.   Definitely once I hit goal, though.  (Besides, I don't have a good After pic.  Scary Before shot, yes... many, in fact.)

A couple of you already are, but does anyone else want to join me in the last stretch?  It could be the beginning of your own joooourney. (barf.)

"This one step --choosing a goal and sticking to it-- changes everything." ~Scott Reed


Molly said...

YAY!!! So proud!! You've been working so hard!!!

Cayce said...

Thank you! Hope y'all have fun at disney! Send us a postcard!

Amber Lee said...

You inspire me!
I would like to join you, but I'll have to wait a week until I'm home :) I have literally been living on white flour- i.e. nothing but bread, rice, and pasta.... and chocolate. I just dont have options here. I've been working out consistently and I'm ready to eat healthy again!

(Not for weight loss.. just health!)

p.s. I'm typing one-handed with a baby in my arms!

Cayce said...

Thank you, Amber! I still struggle with eating healthily but I've come a long way. Oh and I think I could handle the diet you've had recently!