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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Heart IHOP

Today BigBoy and I had some rare time alone together.  (BabyCakes was at Mother's Morning Out and BigBoy is tracked-out of school.)

It was too cold for the playground and Target is booooriiiiing for a 5 year old (unless you are looking at toys for them), so we hit up IHOP.

When we go there, I usually get something normal like bacon & eggs or swedish crepes, but today I decided to channel the inner 29 year old 5 year old in me and get a stack of chocolate chip pancakes just like BigBoy!

He couldn't believe we were there alone in our little 2-person booth, waiting for his favorite breakfast.
As I sat there coloring the kids menu with him, well before the pancakes arrived, he said "this is the gwatest day ever."
(To be fair, he's said that at least twice before.)

Breakfast with my BigBoy was pretty great.

With chocolate on top.

Literally.  ;)


Amber Lee said...

Love those days!

Alesia said...

Hold those moments close always...


Happy Valentine's Day!

shelley said...

What a great way to start the day! We have an IHOP now!