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Friday, February 10, 2012

BigBoy's Valentine's Day

BigBoy is on a year-round school schedule and he tracked-out for 3 weeks starting yesterday.
His class celebrated Valentine's Day early so they wouldn't miss out on the fun.
Here are a few of the things he made in celebration of the chocolateday holiday:

This is a picture of him with his new girlfriend Sophia (who has blonde hair, not orange like in the drawing).  I hate to admit it, but he says he is going to marry Sophia instead of Biz now.
Before you judge, he says he doesn't see Biz enough and he wants to "marry a girl I can play with at recess."
I guess I can see his point. :)

He made a Valentine for his hamster Rapunzel.  We taped it to the outside of her tower cage so she can see it all the time.

He made a Valentine's mailbox with very little help from me.  I mostly did the cutting and helped with taping/gluing.  The rest of it was all him and he was very proud.

While I was in his room taking this photo, I also snapped a pic of one of his original lego creations.

He saw me taking the photo and said "Wait, let me turn the guns off.  I don't want it to shoot you."
(He's clicking an imaginary trigger with his thumb)

He also made cards for me, J, and BabyCakes, but we already knew we had his heart.
(Sappy I know, but come on, it's Valentine's Day afterall.)


Daddy said...

Give that boy a hug from Gramps!
You are so Blessed to have him.

shelley said...

What a sweetie! I miss Bigboy. Love & kisses to all.

Cayce said...

many hugs and kisses have been given out. :)