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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adventures in Parenting

Last night was rough.

It was so rough, in fact, that J and I were injured.

We have actual parenting injuries.

No joke.

Let me give you a little rundown...

12:30: BabyCakes wakes up crying. Why? Who knows. Soothe her, give her some water, and back to bed.

12:37: Pee.

12:38: Wake J up adjusting myself in bed.

12:39-12:49: Quiet the to-do lists in my head.

12:50: Drift off.

12:51: BabyCakes wakes up crying at her door gate. Jump Use my imaginary pulley system to get myself back out of bed and repeat the baby-back-to-bed routine again.

12:55: Climb back in bed.

12:56: Dang it.  I forgot to pee and I MUST pee before I can go back to sleep.


3:31 - Check BabyCakes' temperature and determine she is not sick.  What the crap, girl?!

3:35 - Decide to be a good wife and sleep on the couch so that my hard-working husband who has to get up all too soon can hopefully catch a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

3:36 - After peeing, drag blankets out of the linen closet to make up the couch.  Trip on the baby gate I left open and roll my ankle. Curse the day I became a woman.

3:39 - Hear Rapunzel (the hamster) running in her wheel.  Try to telepathically make her stop for the next 20 minutes.

4 freakin a.m. - Limp on sore ankle with hamster to kitchen.  Pee.  Back to couch.

4:03 - I still hear the hamster wheel.  Now I'm hot.  Hobble to switch for fan, then bathroom.  Couch.

4:06 - 5something - Drift in and out of sleep having those freaky dreams where you think you are awake but then it turns out you were still dreaming.  Finally decide BabyCakes is out for the count and hobble to bedroom and cozy up to a warm husband.

5something + 30 seconds - Hear the hamster who is now in the kitchen, much closer to our room.  Put hamster back in living room.  Climb in bed and have brief nightmare about hamsters, mice and rodents of all kinds taking over my house.

5something + Ihavenoclue - Hubs is up for work.  His back is very sore.  Try to massage some of the pain away but it doesn't help.

5:45 - BabyCakes is walking in my room.  Don't move. Maybe she won't see me.  

5:46 - Use what little energy I have left to pull her into the bed.  She sucks her thumb and snuggles up in my arms.

5:47 - Realize having moments like this make the whole night worth it.

Well, kind of.  ;)

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Daddy said...

Other than the crying toddler, you have pretty much had a typical night at our house. Wake up several times during the night, get up to pee, finally get so exhausted that you can sleep and the alarm goes off 15 minutes later. Hope tonight is a better night. Love ya!