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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm in stitches

I found a couple new things for BabyCakes' nursery recently.
One was this thrift store find that was $10. It might as well have been $100, the way I felt parting with that much money at a thrift store. I really liked it for her room, though.

Next I found a quilted pillow sham I loved. the back was even yellow like her crib bedding. What use would I have for one quilted sham, though? When I saw the 25 cent price tag (yard sale), I decided it was coming home with me and we'd figure out the rest later. I loved the design and the fabrics used... it was just so sweet.

I stuffed it with a pillow and propped it up in her rocking chair. That's when it hit me: put the cushion inside the sham! (an exclamation point may seem a bit unnecessary at this point, but that's how excited I was!) :)


I used the ties on the back of the sham to attach it to the chair. See? It was meant to be


I think it looks cute like this until Baby Cakes has a twin bed and I can use the sham as it was intended.


Have I mentioned how much I love her room? :)

P.S. We have a lot of things planned for the next week or so, so I won't be posting... just wanted you to know.

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Alesia said...

Love both your finds!!!! The picture is adorable and the sham is so cool in the rocker!!

You are too smart!! :)