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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sailing along on Saturday

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Carolina and were sure to make the most of it.  We headed out to Jordan Lake to enjoy the 70 degrees and blue skies on the water.

Look at that sky!  We also noticed something else soon after got on the water...

Sailboats!  It's not unusual to see a few but there were a couple dozen.  We think they were racing or something (we know nothing about sailing-- including how and what they do to enjoy the sport/hobby) because they were all turning around in the same place and there was a little power boat near the turn-around point as if they were judging(?) it.

But as I said, we don't sail, so we moved along after watching them a few minutes.

Jordan lake is a man-made lake large enough to have several little coves that we like to tuck into and drop anchor.

I mostly lay on the front of the deck and keep an eye on BabyCakes' bobber, but the others like to fish.  I know how to fish, I just prefer to not handle these suckers:


It got a little warm being in the sun a few hours so the kids ended up sitting on a little ledge on the back of the boat and splashing in the water.  They had a blast.  :)

(BabyCakes curling her tongue-- they think it's funny and weird that they can do it and I can't)

I was content to just enjoy the view and soak in the day.

I know every day of their youth won't be this sunny.

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shelley said...

Sounds like a great day! You know, I'm the one who taught Jake to curl his tongue! Papa can't do it either. We had thunderstorms & rain all day! Hopefully it will peter out before it hits you. Love & miss you.