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Monday, April 28, 2014

Egg Hunting and Cross Dressing

This Easter we had Aunt Sally with us as a special treat!  We went to the zoo on Good Friday and Saturday night we got her sick.  :(  J and I were sick with a wicked virus earlier in the week and I guess it hung around long enough to hit her as well.  Unfortunately she was up sick half the night before Easter, so we were happy to have a low-key holiday so she could rest and recuperate.

The kids couldn't wait for the egg hunt so we did one first thing in the morning. (And another... and another...)

Aunt Sally was sleeping in BabyCakes' room so we borrowed some of BigBoy's clothes for the occasion.  :) Oh and I'd like to add that hair and how it is to be arranged or not arranged is a major thing in our house right now.  Most of the time it is hanging in her face like she LOVES, and if I do happen to get it out of her face for a while, it doesn't last long before it is back its shaggy state!  


The kids were running around like there was a golden ticket to be found.

It was nice for them to discover their new yard this way.

BabyCakes beat BigBoy by one egg, but in his defense, her father may have helped her out a bit.

It had to be better than last year's egg hunt! ;)


Alesia said...

Poor Katie... she was sad but I would have been hysterical! !♥

shelley said...

Glad you had a great Easter. I usually get an email for your posts but I didn't get one for this one. Sorry I'm so late.