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Friday, April 4, 2014

Here we are

Yesterday I didn't include a photo of our new house, so today I did a quick drive-by pic out the window of the Jeep (you can see the Jeep's reflection in the glass front door).
It might look bluish in the photo but it is a light gray with blue shutters and a blue front door (the door is open so you don't see it).
One day I hope to paint the shutters black and the front door red!
The yard is pretty small as we are in a cul de sac again, but the back yard is mostly just wooded and I really like that view.

This is the view from the bench at the playground in the neighborhood.  It is nice now but should be really pretty once all the trees fill in. The kids are loving the playground and it is a short walk from our house.

As a side note for the ones that have experienced this season in NC and VA, the pollen has started!!!
Thank goodness my hard-working man has cleaned up the garage already so I can keep the top down and park the jeep inside!


Alesia said...

Love the house. .. looks so homey... Hope to visit you some day!

Daddy said...

So glad you are in. It looks really pretty and I know you will soon have it a "home". So happy for you guys!!