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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toy Story 3

Saturday I took BigBoy to see his first movie on the big screen (and, sadly, my first movie in FOUR years.) -- Toy Story 3.

He was so excited that we (yes we, not he) were actually yelling "Yay, Toy Story! Yaaaayy!!!" in the car ride over there.
In the candy aisle of Dollar Tree -- conveniently located next to the theater -- he was jumping up and down in his Woody t-shirt and Toy Story flip flops saying "come on, Mom, I go see Big Toy Story!" I group of teenagers were really amused by him.

The movie was GREAT but BigBoy thought it was pretty scary at parts.
After it was over, I though for sure he would say he didn't like it but he said "I really loved it!" :) When I asked him about getting scared so often he just said "No, it was just a little bit scary."
Ha. I thought he would say he hated it.

Now he refers to it as the Big LOUD Toy Story, though. :)


Alesia said...

Jake, I am with you. I thought it was a bit scary myself at times....and loud..... I liked the story line,but would have taken it to a brighter side if I had written it...but it was okay. James and I like 1 and 2 better....he has seen them, right?

Love you. THanks for sharing the blog. i love it

cayce said...

Yes, he's seen the first two and loves them. I liked the movie a lot but it definitely wasn't made for just 4 year olds. :) I wasn't surprised he got scared. Even Big Baby freaked me out a bit!