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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rounding the Corner

We're going on a big trip soon and I wanted a new lens for my camera that would be versatile and help me get great photos in a variety of environments -- a good walkaround lens.  
I decided upon a Tamron 18-200mm and my first impressions are pretty good.  Even a little bit of rain couldn't keep me from playing with my new toy.  Walk with me, will you?

Our back yard has a lot of natural elements to it that can be hard to distinguish in photos.  There are some neat things happening on the other side of that deck railing, though.

Let's head to far corner of the property.

When I walk directly behind the deck and turn around, this is the view I see.  
That is a swing and play set for the kids in the distance.

There are ferns everywhere and they go a bit crazy!  
This little guy has his own pond and it was almost completely hidden when we moved in. 

Can you guess to where this path leads?

The basketball court.
A little unexpected, but it works well for us. 
Originally it was a fire pit area, but we found that having a basketball goal 
and storage box for balls and nerf guns suits our needs a bit better.

The hydrangea blooms always feel like a surprise since they are hidden back here.

All in all this part of the yard fits in well with how I like to approach my home:
It's functional, natural/comfortable, and a little bit beautiful.

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