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Sunday, December 16, 2012

We like to move it move it

Now that I have that song in your head...
Here's a link to the Madagascar 3 remix. ;)

Anyway, BigBoy had his first basketball practice this week.  A little strange that I took some shoddy iphone pics, yes, but what else was I supposed to do while watching him?

He's the smallest on his 1st and 2nd grade boys team but he's not short on enthusiasm!

 Neither is BabyCakes!

Unfortunately my curls aren't what they used to be, but it looks like what I've lost -- BabyCakes has found! I think it's neat that we share a trait (other than our tendency to instigate conflicts with siblings during childhood, aka, be a troublemaker).

And just like her, the more she played, the wilder it got!

Y'all know how thankful I am for my two healthy children.

I've been so sad for the loss of those precious children (and adults) in Connecticut. 

I hesitated to share these everyday pics of the kids because I thought they might seem boring, but then I thought about how lucky I am to have had one more "everyday" experience with them. 
Every day has to count -- because that's all we get... if we're lucky.


Alesia said...

A stark reminder that we only have one heartbeat at a time....hold those you love and tell them so often. Eternity awaits us all..this is just temporary. One day, no more tears for those who accept Jesus' grace and love. So thankful that He knows our every thought and feeling. So thankful that He is our comforter and friend. Love you Cayce!

Daddy said...

Thanks for the pictures - they are precious to me. You are right, we have no promise of tomorrow, so make the most of today. I'm so thankful that I got to see my children grow up - these families will never have that chance. Tell the kids you love them every chance you get. Oh, by the way, when you were little and playing soccer, your hair looked like a gigantic tumbleweed by the end of the game :-) It was a beautiful tumbleweed though. Always love you all!