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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meeting Santa for the First Time

Santa Claus came to our neighborhood clubhouse this year.  
Because we weren't out of town, sick, or misbehaving, everyone went to meet the Big Man for the first time.  (Yes, the first time.  Hey!  Lots of kids are scared of Santa and I wasn't going to push my kids on a stranger!  Enough with the mom-guilt!)

Waiting in the short line, BigBoy was pretty excited.  Too bad his mother didn't run a comb through his hair.

BabyCakes wasn't really feelin it.  The crowd, the camera, the forced-fun... she wasn't so sure of it all.

And poor Santa didn't get the warmest of receptions.

BigBoy, on the other hand...

"Yes, Santa, he's been a very good boy this year!"

BabyCakes wouldn't even join them for a group shot.  I think she suspected he was hiding something under that beard.  She did take his candy cane, though.

As predicted, BigBoy was very comfortable in Santa's lap.

And once she got home and changed into mouse ears and "princess shoes" (her name for black velvet dress shoes), BabyCakes was very comfortable too. :)


Daddy said...

Wish Santa had been there when we were visiting at Thanksgiving. Jacob really looks like he was having fun, and I'm sure Katie will come around next year. Love you guys!

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