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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WW Wednesday

Well look at that -- I'm actually writing a WW post on Wednesday! (But only because Melissa told me to. ;))

This past week I haven't felt great.  I've felt like I was hit by a truck, actually.  Apparently ignoring pneumonia doesn't make it go away, so J has been extra concerned with me resting up and recuperating.
We've had a lot of convenience foods and my tracking was blurry, you could say.
All the same, I was surprised when I had a gain today at the scale.  It wasn't a big one, but I was surprised all the same.
Then I remembered how much less activity I've had lately.  Because I don't go into a job every day, if I'm sick and being told to take it easy, I do that (for the most part).
I think my small gain today was partly a result of my tortoise-like lifestyle lately.

So, my lesson learned this past week was that if for some reason my activity level takes a big hit, I should (duh) adjust my food intake accordingly.    If I'm not going to the gym or even running around my house and community like I usually do, my body doesn't need the same fuel as usual!
Also, comfort foods might be comforting in the moment, but they are an annoyance on Wednesdays!

Goal for the week: track my foods and practice more control over what I bring into the house.  If nap time is my hardest time of the day (and it is), then don't have the foods that tempt me the most!

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Daddy said...

Take care of yourself! You're one of my three favorite daughters. Oh, and thank you for posting a picture of my favorite grandson. Love you!