"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Things

BabyCakes, I hope to teach you many things throughout your life.  
(Heck, I hope to learn many things throughout your life.)
One of these things is "How to recognize the good things in life."

For example: You suck your thumb -- something many see as an obstacle to overcome.  
I see it as proof that you will look to yourself before others for comfort.

You don't pose for the camera.  Instead you'd rather engage the person using it.

The food on your face shows you are well-fed and have a healthy appetite.

You smile only because you are happy and not just to please someone else.

And your mischievous spirit shows that you will try to keep life interesting, even if it means you are your own entertainment.

Yes, BabyCakes, there are many good things in life and I hope to raise you to see them.

Go look in a mirror and you'll see one of my favorites.



Moma said...

Just beautiful. Your writing continues to get better and better. Love you both!

Frauenfelder said...

Literally tears...lovely post<3

Rachel said...

so sweet! love the non-posing picture the best! xoxo

izzybeth82 said...

:) You should write books. ;)

This was really beautiful.

Also, I think you have a really excellent knack for photography.

Cayce said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth. :)
Funny, it's the ones I put together in 20 minutes that end up my favorites!