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Friday, May 4, 2012


On Rutgers' website, they state that Non-Traditional students are: "students who for a variety of reasons have circumstances in their lives that may make it more challenging to achieve their academic goals."

As I exclaimed yesterday, I'm done with my two very writing intense classes this semester.    (I'm looking at a math class for the Fall.)

One of the requirements for online courses is that you participate in online message boards where you "get to know" your classmates and discuss weekly topics.

Here are a few things I took away from the experience...

At the beginning of the semester we had to introduce ourselves.  Surprisingly, the majority of my classmates at Community College were traditional students born some time in the 90's.
Here are a few differences between us:

Their hobbies: Playing Rock Band, going to concerts
My hobbies: Taking 2 classes online.

They cause gray hairs.
I try to cover gray hairs.

Their peeps throw parties.
My peeps throw tantrums.

They bribe classmates to do their homework for them.
I bribe children to let me do my own homework.

They wake up to hangovers.
I wake up to kiddie hugs and kisses.

As a student, I might be considered non-traditional, but as a mother, I'm as conventional as it gets.

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Alesia said...

You go girl!!! See you soon.