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Thursday, May 3, 2012


My classes for this semester are finished!
Now for a celebratory cupcake high-five! 

Oh who am I kiddin?! I'm having the damn cupcake. ;)

(P.S. That's BigBoy at 4.  He had shark pj's back then, too, so he wanted to be called "Shark Boy" all the time.  Oh how the years fly by!)


Frauenfelder said...

YAY!!! My classes are done too! Just finals left. I want a cupcake too T^T

Alesia said...

CONGRATS!!! I know it is not easy to do anything school related with small children at home. I admire anyone who accomplishes it!! Just keep chipping away and you will achieve your goal. Love ya.

Shelly said...


Daddy said...

Congratulations Honey! I knew you could do it. Can't wait to see you guys and give you a big hug. Love you!